the boy with the thorn in his side
behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire
for love

hullo, i'm s. i enjoy superheroes, damaged anti-heroes, doomed love stories, and pretty boys with deep emotional connections, and i think brother love is the best love.

this blog contains unreasonable amounts of loki and thor x loki.

this is also a supernatural / sam winchester appreciation blog. i have some wincest feelings

my first and truest fandom loves, harry potter and btvs are also likely to feature heavily

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there’s something, something about the chase.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But what if you had never fooled me at all? Oh, how you would sneer at that. Me, too trusting, too ready to take things at their face-value, able to do something no other could boast of: read you as if you were an open book. No, I never did like to read. Mayhap that is where I went wrong; but you were always the exception. My exception. I willingly climbed into your web of deceit, nestled myself amongst the shimmering strands that possessed too much strength to be true. You were always strong, and over time, the one thing we have too much of, your lies followed suit. I stayed silent, when you thought I was but too blind to see. I saw everything. Even the things you wished to keep from me. No, I am not stupid, but I  hurt, and I will continue to hurt so long as you continue draw breath… For lies spill from your mouth as easily as air fills your lungs. I will never love your lies, but I will always love you. Once I told myself I hated the pain you wrought. But, as time passes and nothing changes, I have been forced to recognize the opposite. I am addicted to it. You are right, I am a fool. But you— You, too, are a fool if you think me capable of the same falsehoods. The only one I ever weaved on my own, with clumsy fingers and the best of intent, was this:

you return my love.

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full NSFW / SPOILER-Y picdrabble after the cut because this is a family-friendly blog

warnings: NC-17 / explicit / graphic depictions of torture + rape

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“I don’t ever want to hurt you,” Thor says.

“We always hurt each other,” Loki says, finally looking at him. “That’s what we do.”


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be vigilant, homosexuals are everywhere: Thor/Loki Masterlist


Alright, so I’m going to go ahead and post my Thor/Loki recs so that they’re always accessible to you bitches.

I have exceptionally high standards and I’m almost impossible to please so these should all be fantastic examples of fanfiction. I normally gravitate toward stories that are long and…

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#It’s bright out when Sam tells Dean and Dad that he’s leaving for Stanford because he’s so fucking sick of this life, but all Dean can see is the dark smudges under Sam’s eyes, the way his lips look like they’ve been kissed too hard, how he’s standing like he’s expecting a punch. Dad yells and yells and yells and drives Sam out of their lives in two point five seconds and Dean doesn’t even get a chance to say anything. But, later, when Sam’s furiously packing his bags, Dean says, stay. Says, don’t leave. Please. Sam looks wrecked, a little used up, and way too tired for a seventeen year old. It makes Dean’s heart ache, makes him angry, so he muffles a sob against Sam’s mouth and brings them both down onto the bed. Please, please, please don’t- Sam interrupts with, I love you. I’ve always loved- Dean can’t bear it, can hardly speak, so he yanks Sam’s shirt off, eats up Sam’s moan, and grips his hair. Please, he says one last time and digs bruises into Sam’s hips as he pushes him higher up the bed. Dean, take care of yourself, Sam whispers, and Dean’s movements suddenly switch from needy to furious. Fucking selfish bastard, he growls into Sam’s ear, drags his fingers down his jaw, licks into his mouth, scratches up his belly. I hate you, he says, sounding broken and pathetic, and pushes away to yank to Sam’s jeans off. He thinks, gonna fuck you so you’ll be ruined for anyone else. He thinks, I love you.
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— fic rec: the world, no longer mysterious


the world, no longer mysterious
summary: It’s Thursday and Sherlock is dead. 

yeah that’s right, I did it. I wrote post-Reichenbach fic. I needed to vent my feels. Also, my first Sherlock fic. Also, I’m sorry. Except for the part where I’m not.  

on Ao3

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— fic - all hands against our own [thor/loki]


“Cut my hair, brother,” he says. “Like you used to.” Or, four times Loki cut Thor’s hair and one time Thor cut Loki’s.

I have a lot of hair cutting feels I dk. I’m dedicating this to Yasu because I can. ♥ 

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— fanfic: silvertongue

ugh i am dead from heartbreaking Loki fanfiction. 


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— I’m reading a Tony/Loki fic.


And it’s fuckin good. Help.

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jerk.: i-wuv-virgins: So you think you might like wincest? For some people,...


So you think you might like wincest? For some people, it’s not the easiest ship to board. There’s a big wide world of brother lovin’ out there, tons of blogs and fics, and you might not know where to start. This kit is for anyone looking to understand and experience the…

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Thor dreams nightly of his brother, watches helpless as Loki falls silently into the void, and wakes always reaching out for him.

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i’ll put a spell on you
you’ll fall asleep
and when i wake you i’ll be the first thing you see
and you’ll realise that you love me

Thor Odinsson is golden, bathed in light. His smiles are wide and bestowed upon all who pass him by.
Loki Odinsson is silver, draped in shadow. His smiles are few, reserved only for the older brother who chases away his nightmares.
Thor is bold and brash, confident that the attention he commands is naught but his due.
Loki is small and slight, oft unnoticed next to an older brother whose presence outshines all around him.
Thor loves his brother as he loves everybody around him, generously and without guile.
Thor is the only thing that Loki is certain he loves.

without you i’m nothing|placebo
you’re slipping slowly from my reach
you grow me like an evergreen
you’ve never seen the lonely me at all

Loki lives in shadow. His aptitudes lie with knowledge and magic, rather than might and weapons. His brother lives in the sun, Asgard’s golden prince, whose hammer Mjölnir can defeat a hundred men or beasts in glorious battle.
In ages past, Thor would spend his days rapt and attentive as Loki spun worlds and adventures with his words. Now he chooses the raucous company of his Warriors Three as they embark upon adventures of their own.
Loki spends his days alone. Thor cannot understand when Loki would prefer to read than wrestle.
Loki watches, invisible, as his brother slips his grasp.

so you came like a missile
falling on my head with the black sky
think you’re giving but you’re taking my life away

There are whispers in Asgard of Loki’s power.
His mastery of magic is unparalleled, his skills in shapeshifting like no other; his tongue is coated with silver.
Loki can freeze an opponent’s heart with a look; can create a thousand doppelgangers to confuse in battle; can sow dissent among his enemies with a whispered suggestion.
Thor sees nothing of this; sees only a younger brother, slight and defenseless. He would step in to protect his brother without a second’s hesitation. He is heedless to Loki’s protests that this is unnecessary; an insult.
There are whispers in Asgard of Loki’s weakness.

the nature of inviting|iamx
i love you
i hate you

Thor’s golden presence has long since eclipsed that of his brother. On occasion, Loki knows, people almost forget that Asgard has two princes.
When he looks at his brother, Loki is crushed under the weight of expectations he can never hope to meet.
Sometimes Loki can forgive Thor for this. He looks at his brother and sees only the love of his youth; wants nothing more than to bask in Thor’s sunlight.
Sometimes, Loki can be unforgiving.
When he looks at his brother he wants only to rip out Thor’s heart, to prove to the world that he can.

oh beautiful town|iamx
i grew up blind, just like everyone’s child
in the warmth and the milk and deceit

“Only one of you can ascend to the throne,” the All-father said when they were but children. “But both of you were born to be kings.”
Loki remembers those words; has carried them with him all these years, and feels them like the bitter twist of a knife when Thor is named as Odin’s heir. ‘My firstborn’, Odin says, as though that somehow qualifies Thor to rule.
Loki grits his teeth and smiles and congratulates his brother, who is foolish & reckless, with no grasp of the nuances of diplomacy or the necessity of compromise.
Loki was born to be a king.

running up that hill|placebo
do you want to know that it doesn’t hurt me?
do you want to hear about the deal i’m making?

Loki sabotages his brother’s ascension to the throne, and he does it with ease; without regret. He has studied Asgard’s defences. He knows the chink in the armour that will allow the Jǫtnar access; knows well enough that access is all they will gain.
Loki knows his brother as only one who has loved him can. He can predict Thor’s actions with a ruthless accuracy.
If Thor were to discover this betrayal, his anger would be mighty. He would not be forgiving.
Loki recalls the love he once held for his brother and considers it a small price to pay.

battle for the sun|placebo
i will battle for the sun
and i won’t stop until i’m done
you are getting in the way
and i have nothing left to say

Loki watches Thor’s face fall, and feels nothing.
I am the monster parents tell their children about at night.
The words crawl unbidden up his throat and he swallows them down. Thor holds no love for the Jǫtnar; no love then for Loki.
A lifetime spent fighting to be his brother’s equal, to prove his worth, and it turns out he has none. But Odin is sleeping, and Loki is king. He has never had another chance like this to show his strength.
“This is goodbye, brother,” he says, but the word feels alien on his tongue.
Loki has no brother.

the outsider|a perfect circle (apocalypse mix)
could you please
help me understand why
you’re giving in to all these reckless dark desires

Thor stares at the imposter wearing his brother’s face, and cannot understand. Something inside his brother has broken, shattered, but through the insensible rage Thor senses the fear and desperation, and it pains him to know that his brother is suffering.
Loki is all he’s ever known, and though the creature in front of him spilling poisonous bile is not the brother he has loved through the ages he cannot believe that Loki is gone forever.
He cannot bring himself to do him harm.
He fights to defend himself only, though it seems that Loki wields Gungnir with far darker intent.

tear garden|iamx
you can’t hide
i remove from you every tiny strength from every single thing you do
and i’ll kick you down
i’ll break you with a tender touch

Loki struggles to breathe beneath Mjölnir’s immovable weight and tastes bitter defeat. He had fought to best his brother, to prove his strength against him, and to realise that Thor had seen him only as an inconvenience to be humoured chokes him. The insult of Thor’s casual dismissal serves as a stark reminder of his inadequacy and he burns with impotent rage.
He sees Thor wavering on the bridge and feels some satisfaction; in this, at least, he has won.
“Look at you,” he sneers. “The mighty Thor, with all your strength.”
And then Thor brings Mjölnir smashing down, and Loki’s victory with it.

song to say goodbye|placebo
now i’m trying to wake you up
to pull you from the liquid sky
‘cause if i don’t we’ll both end up
with just your songs to say goodbye

“No, Loki,” Odin says, his voice heavy with grief. Thor watches as the naked hope fades from his brother’s face and cold fear trickles through him. He is angry, not yet ready to forgive, but he loves his brother still, despite everything. He clings more tightly to Gungnir lest his fragile hold slip and Loki is lost to him forever.
Loki’s eyes come to rest briefly on his own, and Thor sees despair etched plainly across Loki’s features, a single tear track shining silver against his skin. His brother’s grip loosens.
“Loki, no!” he cries, desperate; but he is too late, and his brother falls.

this is how an angel dies
blame it on my own sick pride

“No, Loki,” Odin says, his voice heavy with disappointment. The swirling panic of Loki’s mind coalesces into a pinpoint certainty: all his plans were for naught. Destroying Jötunheimr cannot make him other than what he is; cannot turn the ice in his veins to blood and make him truly Aesir, cannot prove to Odin that he truly belongs.
Loki can feel the abyss at his back. He sees forgiveness written in Thor’s desperate grip, but how can he return home when the only home he has ever known is a lie greater than any ever spun from his own tongue?
He lets go.


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super family friendly.: The chains dug into his wrists, but Loki barely registered the pain....


The chains dug into his wrists, but Loki barely registered the pain. There were more immediate concerns.

Such as how Thor had him pinned down and prone. Or the shredding of his clothing by each of Thor’s fistfuls. Or how his baleful threats went ignored even as they later diluted into…

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It’s all right, he tells himself, she’ll be all right, and Tony told him it was just the arm, and it’s all that keeps him going for the next thirty-four hours.  He’s on a mission in Astana and he used to think it was a beautiful city, but now it just reminds him far too much of Budapest.

When he gets home, he goes straight to the hospital wing.  He knows there should be a debrief, he should drop off his gear, hell, he should shower, but when he heads for his quarters, he somehow ends up taking a left when he meant (or maybe he didn’t mean) to take a right, and then he’s down in medical and it’s the first time he’s ever been there voluntarily.

(Except it isn’t voluntary, not at all; if he’d been there, if he’d had Nat’s back like he was supposed to, like he swore they always would, then he wouldn’t be here at all and Natasha would be down in the rec room with the other Avengers and he’d be watching, watching her laugh, and she can never know how much he loves watching her laugh.)

ficlet by jey. hello secretly-in-love-with-natasha clint feelings!

so who thought this was gonna be a cheerful avengers team pic trying to cheer nat up? ha ha ha sobs