the boy with the thorn in his side
behind the hatred there lies a murderous desire
for love

hullo, i'm s. i enjoy superheroes, damaged anti-heroes, doomed love stories, and pretty boys with deep emotional connections, and i think brother love is the best love.

this blog contains unreasonable amounts of loki and thor x loki.

this is also a supernatural / sam winchester appreciation blog. i have some wincest feelings

my first and truest fandom loves, harry potter and btvs are also likely to feature heavily

previously: ohsamwinchester

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sam and dean + profiles

sam and dean + profiles

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#it’s like a perfect summary of this show #a pile of weapons and two brothers clinging to each other for help
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I imagine this as Dean raising Sam as a toddler.  Some things never change. <3

ya wow step away from ur ps this hurt me very a lot

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I’d never let you go

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You gotta let me take care of you, man.

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Oh,burning red.

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          so tight with love, love

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4.22 and 8.21 Parallels

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I may not be able to carry the burden that comes along with these trials… But I can carry you.

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wow I’m still in a pool of 8x23 emotions


wow I’m still in a pool of 8x23 emotions

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